MASH 2013: Witchcraft Tales

Witchcraft Tales []

Is a scenario based on 19th-century Brazil, inspired by the fictional characters of the Brazillian writer Machado de Assis, his historical and literary contemporaries and elements of the Victorian age. It is a world permeated by Brazillian fantastic realism with secret societies, sorcery cabals, supernatural creatures and legends, all side by side with a fascination for Science and progress. In this reality, based on the historical Brazillian monarchy, the narrative elements and characters of Machado de Assis’ works encounter figures such as Aleister Crowley, Tolstói, Masters Mason, João do Rio, Lawrence of Arabia, Annie Besant, Rui Barbosa and many other personalities that compose this eccentric universe.
This setting was developed by the Cia Imperial Ludica, founded in 1808 and re-founded in 2012. Its mission is to create, experiment and research games, disseminate ludic ideas and distract he court and its subjects to free them from the yokes of boredom and sadness.

The setting and the Incorporeal Fast System were presented in a workshop at MASH 2013 []


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