MASH 2013: Incorporeal Hyperenvironmet Workshop

This workshop intends to explore the potential of cooperative storytelling to stimulate a creative production. TIN (Techniques for Interactive Narratives) and Poetic Design combine to achieve this purpose.
The workshop demands that each participant present a critical and creative production based on her/his experiences during it. This production will be added to the supports of the Incorporeal Project: the printed hyperbooks, websites and the hyperenvironment itself.
Each participant will receive: an “Incorporeal Kit” with a printed book, a CD with ready-to-print files and the login to the moodle and the blog that give online support to the project.
The participants will be organized in two categories: players and “consciences”. The players will receive ready-to-play character sheets and the “consciences” will receive sketchbooks and writing tools. Each player will be assigned one “conscience” and they will work in partnership.
During the first hour, the group of players will experience an interactive story in format of table top RPG (role-playing game) with their ready-to-play characters. Each player will be assisted by one “conscience” who will take detailed notes about all the player’s character actions, dialogues and interactions in the sketchbook. During the RPG session, the “conscience” can give advice to the player once, the player may also once ask for advice and also once ask the “conscience” to reroll the dice for him/her.
In the second hour, each player will join his/her “conscience” to transform the character and the sketchbook into any sort of artistic work using the drawing and collage material available. The purpose is to produce something creative based on what they´ve experienced in the RPG session, again working in pardnership.
The participants will then insert their production into the installation, a hyperobject that will be built collectively turning the gaming area into a hyperenvironment. Hence the “hyper” of the environment: a space that becomes immersive and hypertextual, mainly through the desire to organize each inserted material as a link that can open to something beyond, expanding that space.
At the end of the event the participants will be asked to post on the blog an evaluation considering:
==> If the experience of articulating different types of knowledge by participating in an interactive story in an immersive environment stimulated critical, creative and interdisciplinary thinking;
==> If they can replicate this experiment with students and trainees in more traditional academic and training environments.
We will also ask them to sign an authorization to have their works photographed and published on the project’s supports.
The project follows our research lines of TIN (Techniques for Interactive Narratives) to use interactive stories for educational purposes and of Poetic Design in which the configuration of artifacts leads to a reconfiguration of the subject, in accordance with the principles of flexible learning, the pedagogy of autonomy by Paulo Freire, the mimetic process postulated by Paul Ricoeur and Roland Barthes semiology.
The capacity to articulate different types of information in critical and creative ways to build significant knowledge is a fundamental one to face the challenges of our world nowadays. To achieve this, one must acquire the competence of working with analogical and digital thinking to be able to have an ample and systemic view of reality, facilitating cooperative work and more effective decisons. The traditional school environment has been having difficulties to generate such competence in its students and needs to be rethought in its physical, social and cultural aspects.

The workshop will be presented at  Making and Sharing – MASH – Conference on Audience Creativity. July 4-5, 2013, Maastricht:

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