4. The Kit

This initial kit is called Incorporeal Kit, and is composed of several means of communication that express the same concepts. In the context of McLuhan’s Communication Theory a mean of communication contains language or symbolic system (codes and repertoire), technology (vehicle, channel and material support) and modes of reception (conditions of fruition).

The initial media so far are: printed books; web sites and blogs; installations and environments. Each has its particularities of language and technology but they all share the same mode of reception: hypertextuality, where hyper means expanded, amplified as proposed by Ted Nelson. In these hypertextual supports the elements of each language (images, texts, sounds etc.) and the technologies (printed books, objects etc.) are TIN conceived and poetically designed to act as links that can be opened or not by the receptors, if so, leading them to their own creations. Therefore, we call these the RPG hypersupports.

The link-images are present in the composition of the hypersupports, which is the mimesis 2, the configuration step of Poetic Design, where the design avoids redundancies and permits the registration of notes, insertion of materials and the alteration of the order of its elements.

This should happen during the game sessions and is the mimesis 3, the refiguration step of Poetic Design, used as didatic method in the workshops, where the participants should insert their production into the initial installation, a hyperobject that will be built and/or altered collectively turning the gaming area into a hyperenvironment. Hence the “hyper” of the environment: a space that becomes immersive and hypertextual, mainly through the desire to organize each inserted material as a link that can open to something beyond, expanding that space.

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