1. The Project

The Incorporeal Project is a multimedia, multidisciplinary, ludic platform that supports the use of TIN (Techniques for Interactive Narratives) which is a method for using interactive stories, such as Role-Playing Games (RPG), for educational purposes. The participants act collectively to build the RPG narrative in a cooperative way and they must incorporate their production to the supports used in the RPG sessions as co-authors. This production, which can be expressed in different languages and supports, is created during and in between the RPG sessions. To achieve this purpose we propose the Poetic Design as a means to stimulate and guide the creative process of the participants. Incorporeal Project has many applications in a wide range of educational contexts from short-term workshops to continuous disciplines from school to graduate levels.

Click here to download the PDF paper presented at Role-Playing in Games Seminar, April, 2012

About us:

Eliane Bettocchi [Linkedin profile]

I’m a professor at the Arts and Design Institute of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) with Doctor and Master Degree in Design and Graduation in Art Theory. Between 1991 and 2010 I was an illustrator, game designer and art director for brazilian publishers. I also had illustrations published by USA gaming companies such as Green Ronin, GenCon and Hidden City, which can be seen in my online portfolio: http://www.historias.interativas.nom.br/lilith/

Carlos Klimick [Linkedin Profile]

I have designed the first tabletop RPG based on Brazil´s History and Foklore in 1992. Since 1998 I work with with Teach and Learn Design  creating learning objects and materials in printed and digital support for most levels of education: Fundamental, High School, Graduate, Post Graduate, Continuous education.
Among the many projects that I´ve co-created are: a website with an interactive story to help children with hearing disabilities to learn written and oral Portuguese and Sign Language for my Master´s in Design; a tabletop RPG for high school kids to improve their literacy and writting skills as well as their creativity for my Doctorate in Literature. Currently I am working in a nationwide project to provide Finance Education for kids at the Fundamental Level of Education (11 to 15 years old). We´ve designed a negotiations game and adventure/game book. My main area of research is in the design of learning situations and learning objects and RPG applications to educational purposes.

Rian Rezende

Graduated in Social Sciences at UFRJ. Master in Design at PUC-Rio, a member of LaDeH - Design History Lab, where he studied the Alternate Reality Games(ARGs) and processes of transmedia entertainment. Player and researcher, is passionate about RPGs, boardgames and cardgames. He loves the series of electronic rpg Ultima. He is a professor at the Arts and Design Department of  Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and the master mind behind the Cia Imperial Lúdica.


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