Calling for Adventurers

There will be two kinds of Players in the game session:

– the role player, who acts as the character during the story;
– the conscience player, who takes notes of all the character’s actions during the session and twice per session can give advice to the role player.

Each player character (PC) will be controlled by a role-player who will be assisted by the conscience player during the game session. In the Fast Rules System of Incorporeal, each duo of players will receive a PC template with some predefined characteristics:

– Type: each setting has a series of “typical characters” for the stories to be played. In Witchcraft Tales these types are based on the fiction of the time or set in the second half of the XIX century. The types are adventurer; journalist; inventor; ocultist; physician; naturalist.

– Behavior and Demeanor: showing basic traits of the character personality.

After choosing their PCs template, the role player and the conscience player will work together to customize it.