The incredible story of Dr. Belem and his skeleton.

In 1850 an event shocked the country. The famous Dr. Belem, known for his vast knowledge, which included the mystical arts, and well respected in the social circles, got involved in a macabre story.

Dr. Belem came to live in Rio de Janeiro from Minas Gerais. Here he fell in love and married a beautiful lady of the nobility, Dona Carla de Assis. But, soon after the marriage, the friends of the couple noticed that Dona Carla was getting ill, looking weaker and more upset as the time passed. One day, a journalist who was her friend, Mr. Machado, decided to visit Dona Carla at the gloomy mansion where she lived with her husband. Dr. Belm received Mr. Machado and invited him to coffee and biscuits. Mr. Machado had a terrifying surprise when he saw Dona Filomena, Dr. Belem former wife who had died many years ago, serving coffee at the table as a skeleton!

The story could not be confirmed as Dr. Belem now refuses to receive any visitors and so does his wife Dona Carla. Many suggest, or hope, that the picture from Mr. Machado is an elaborate hoax.