The Immortal Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro

In 1870 the balls enriched by the presence of the Immortal Orchestra in the central region of Rio, were already a tradition. Every Friday punctually at 8pm the band started to play presenting everyone around with a good time. Then, last year a tragic accident killed all the musicians. The event shocked the population. To honor the adored musical group a party was organized at the same place, day and time of their traditional shows. The people gathered were remembering their beloved musicians when a known tune began to be heard throughout the Cinelandia. Panic spread as those that were there realized that the Immortal Orchestra was maintaining their traditional punctuality. Or so the story goes. This is the only record we have of the event, for so far it did not occur again. But the story haunts the society of Rio and many cannot avoid a shiver when passing at the spot where the orchestra used to play. Particularly if it´s a Friday Night at 8pm.