The Ventriloquist of XV Square

During the last decade one of the most successful attractions in the Imperial City were the shows performed by Mr. Russel, a British citizen living in Rio de Janeiro, popularly known as the Ventriloquist of XV Square. His performances attracted hundreds of people and enchanted the public with the magic of his dolls that seemed to be alive. And so they were. Some of those watching the shows began to notice a resemblance between the dolls and people who had disappeared. Until one day Mr. Olavo recognized among the dolls one that had the exact face of a friend of his who had disappeared some time ago. Shaken by fear, Olavo pronounced the name of his friend and the doll answered! Horror struck those at Square XV on that day.

Mr. Russell was deported in the following week and  some of  his dolls were confiscated. The families of the missing persons are claiming the dolls, but the Ministry of Justice has not reached a decision yet. Some clay that many of the dolls escaped during the confusion and are wandering through the city. This story so far has not been confirmed.